Buyer's Guide -- Solar Air Conditioner

March 20, 2024

What is a solar air conditioner?

A solar air conditioner is uses solar energy to power its operation. Unlike traditional air conditioners that rely solely on electricity from the grid, solar air conditioners utilize photovoltaic (PV) panels to convert sunlight into electricity.

How does a Solar AC work?

Solar air conditioners work by the power of the sun to provide cooling. The basic principle of operation is similar to that of traditional air conditioners, but with the addition of solar panels to generate electricity. 

Benefits of Solar Air Conditioner

1. Environmentally Friendly: Solar air conditioners helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change.

2. Off-Grid Capability: With battery backup, some models can operate completely off-grid, providing cooling even during power outages.

3. Low Operating Costs: Once installed, solar energy is free, reducing long-term operating costs compared to traditional air conditioners that rely on grid electricity.

4. Quiet Operation: Solar air conditioners tend to operate more quietly than traditional AC units, providing a more comfortable indoor environment.

5. Long-Term Investment: While the upfront cost of installation may be higher, solar air conditioners can offer a good return on investment over time through energy savings.

6. Government Incentives: In many regions, there are government incentives and rebates available for installing solar-powered systems, reducing the initial cost.

Solar Air Conditioner Type

There are primarily two types of solar air conditioners:

  1. 1. Solar(DC) Powered Air Conditioners: These systems use solar panels to directly convert sunlight into electricity, which powers the air conditioner's compressor and other components. Excess electricity can be stored in batteries for use when sunlight is not available.

  2. 2. Solar(DC) and Grid(AC) Hybrid Powered Air Conditioner: The air conditioner can be connected to a DC power source, such as solar panels or batteries. When DC power is available, the air conditioner can operate directly on this power source, eliminating the need for an inverter.

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