Place of OriginGuangzhou, China
Brand NameJhorse
Model NumberJHA4-370WK1
TypeAC Brushless Water Pump

Advantage of AC Solar Water Pump System

Higher Power Output

  • AC solar water pumps typically have higher power output compared to DC pumps. This means they can handle larger water volumes and pump water to higher elevations. AC pumps are suitable for applications that require higher flow rates and pumping capacities, such as irrigation for large agricultural fields or water supply for commercial purposes.

  • Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure

    AC pumps can be easily integrated into existing electrical systems and infrastructure. They can be connected to the conventional electrical grid or powered by a diesel generator as a backup power source. This compatibility makes AC solar water pumps convenient for retrofitting existing water pumping systems.

  • Cost-Effective

    AC solar water pumps are often more cost-effective than DC pumps. AC pump motors are widely available in the market, making them more affordable due to economies of scale. Additionally, the installation and maintenance costs for AC pumps can be lower because they can utilize standard electrical components and wiring systems.

  • Longer Lifespan

    AC motors have a longer lifespan compared to DC motors. AC motors are designed to handle higher power loads and typically have better durability and reliability. This longer lifespan translates to reduced maintenance and replacement costs over time.

  • Flexibility in Pumping Applications

    AC solar water pumps offer greater flexibility in terms of pumping applications. They can handle a wide range of water sources, including deep wells, boreholes, and surface water bodies. AC pumps can be used for various purposes, such as agricultural irrigation, livestock watering, residential water supply, and commercial water distribution.

  • Remote Monitoring and Control

    AC pumps can be integrated with remote monitoring and control systems, allowing users to monitor pump performance, adjust settings, and detect any issues from a centralized location. This feature enhances convenience, efficiency, and proactive maintenance.

  • Availability of Three-Phase Power

    AC solar water pumps can utilize three-phase power, which provides smoother and more efficient operation compared to single-phase power. Three-phase power offers better torque control, reduced vibration, and improved motor efficiency, resulting in optimized water pumping performance.

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